_Simple_ Paypal cart to recommend?

I have a online bookstore and I need a really simple cart for it. Right now I have installed WP Ultra simple Paypal Cart and it suits my needs perfectly. It does however lack the “number of books in stock” option.

Let me explain: I sell used books only, and I have just 1 copy of most of my books. I dont want for two people to order and pay for the same book, because that would make a lot of extra work for me. Sending money back to the buyer that didn’t get the book after all etc.

WP Ultra simple Paypal Cart was GREAT, like perfect for me. It just itn’t possible to remove the “add to cart” button next to books that are out of stock or do something else to avoid the same book being sold twice.

Before recommending a cart solution; if you haven’t seen WP Ultra simple Paypal Cart before, have a look. This is what “simple” is to me. I know a lot of you think that these eCommerce carts are simple, but I just hate all the coding…

Furthermore, I have the books in a Wp Table list like so: http://kristenbok.info/

Hope it’s ok to drop the link here. Just remove it if not, and I’ll take a screenshot instead.

I’d like for the number column to go down to zero or for the order button to disappear or to be disabled when the book is sold. The latter is probably the easiest, I would guess, with my limited knowledge of coding.

Any recommendations? Perhaps for the cart I’ve already got, or for a new one? I’d really like to keep the table the way it is. People that come to my store know what they want, so no need for a long description of the books or a new page for every book or anything like that.

Would be nice to be able to edit posts…

Anyway, I just thought of something else: Any way to make a “buy now” button for a lot of items with simple coding rather than making “buy now”-buttons one at the time in Paypal? The coding I’m using with my current cart is [wp_cart:I Kristi sted, Egil Grandhagen m.fl:price:50:end] and I just edit the code real fast for every product. Something similar for Paypal, with a cart, would be great.