$_POST cant fetch information

Can anyone tell me if there is any error in the code. Because I think that $ _POST is not properly defined, because it didn’t skips the first IF even when there is some value

for($i=1; $i<=15; $i++) {
$hbs = "other_text".$i;

if($_POST['other_text'.$i]]=="") {
echo "You didn't eneter quantity";

if(!is_int($_POST['other_text'.$i]) || isset($_POST['vin'.$i])) {
$vins .= '<tr><td>'.$_POS['vin_lbl'.$i].'</td><td…
else {
echo "Incorrect data for quantity. \
 Please go back.";

Now show me that Undefined index: other_text1 so i checked the form in html and this is the code of the textbox

<input type="text" value="1" disabled name="other_text1" style="width:15px; padding:1px; height:10px; font-size:9px; background-color:#FFF; box-shadow:none; ">

and this is my declaration of the form

<form name="f1" action="env.php" method="post">

Hi dredash and welcome to SitePoint.

If you dump out the POST array and see what is populated and with what values.
Add the following snippet to just above the code you posted:

echo '<pre>';
echo '</pre>';

This will give you a formatted array of values being sent through from the form.
Check the field names, values etc

I realized why $_POST not get value because by default text box is disabled, but how to do it