$_GET variable display incomplete string

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Below is the PHP script that the $_GET[‘t’] will echo as “NOT SET” if the textarea string is too long, if it’s shorter then only it will display. This problem happened ONLY in my remote hosting server. BUT the text was printed out completely & without any problem in my localhost. Is there any php.ini cofiguration that deals with the $_GET variable ? Thanks. I know there’s one for $_POST like post_max_size in php.ini


  echo $_GET['t'];
  echo "NOT SET";


<form action="<?php echo $_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"] ?>" method="GET">
<textarea name="t" cols="20" rows="30">
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<input type="submit" />

Or any ideas what is the cause of this effect ?

Thanks for reading until this end point :slight_smile:

If there is a setting for the maximum allowed length of the query string ($_GET), it’s in the actual web server like Apache or IIS, not in PHP.

The maximum recommended length however is 255 characters because some older proxy servers cannot handle more than that.

For lots of data consider using $_POST instead.

Thanks Boss, I follow your order, then it works :slight_smile:

w3c recommends that GET request should only be used for information retrieval, POST for sending info “as there name implies”

  • imagine if some one put a link like “http://www.yousite.com?t=alotOfcharacters…” in any website “Digg for example” then search engines will open it and so this data will be submitted whenever a search engineS parse this site with the such links!!!
  • You are also submitting a ‘textarea’! which is a big string , so there is a cross browser , servers compatibility issue because each one has a max length ,different specification than the other see :

don’t forget the horrible CSRF “Cross-site request forgery”!