Comment Adder Panel for Flash MX 2004

By sgrosvenor

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Anyone for another timesaver? This time, I’m attempting to save you some time when adding comments to your ActionScript by way of the Comment Adder for Flash MX 2004.

It has the following features:

Dynamically add comments at the click of a button, including the following types of comments:

Comment Block, To Do, Bug, Kludge, Tricky

It also has the option to optionally include your signature and a date/timestamp

NOTE: Due to limitations in the API, you are only able to add comments at the end of the current ActionScript in a selected frame rather than inline at the selected cursor point

  • sgrosvenor

    The MXP is now updated to v1.0.3 to support multiple frames and layers

  • how does it save time? You still have to write the comment. Are you telling me that writing “/*” & “*/” is simply too much work, when you are writing comments without this panel?

  • sgrosvenor

    The command supports multiple comment types, not just comment blocks, and presents them in a predefined format, also inserting optional timestamps and signatures.

    You do still have to write the comment, but it does save valuable seconds per comment and keeps to a standard format :-)

  • Jay

    First thank you, I have really enjoyed using the comment adder. I could do without it but why it is making things easier and saves a bit of time. That said, I would like to see this become more extensible. I went to try to format the comments the way I like them and found that is was a self-contained WinSWF. Is it possible for you to externalize the code and allow others to personalize it?

  • sgrosvenor

    Good idea, about custom comments, let me see what I can do regarding an updated release

  • JAY

    Just checking on the progress of this. :)

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