Color Scheme Generator updated

By Corrie Haffly

The color-scheme generator that used to be at has been updated with a new version, now permanently housed at I like it much better – it’s more intuitive, it looks cleaner, AND you can “save” or bookmark the color scheme with a URL!

The new interface gets rid of the confusing hue/saturation/brightness entry boxes and gives you some preset “variations” instead (pastel, dark pastel, etc.). The old dropdown menus and other form components have been replaced with slick graphics and DHTML features.

Re-experience the color scheme generator today!

  • rum

    You’ve misspelled the URL.

  • mwmitchell
  • velocd

    A clever and helpful tool. Thanks for the site, Corrie. ;)

  • Kyle

    Along the same lines, I’m fond of :

  • Dangermouse

    Still think there are better ways to choose a colour scheme (eg

  • corriehaffly

    URL has been fixed — thanks!

  • ZangBunny

    Note that the generator doesn’t seem to work correctly in Firefox. You need to use IE to get all the features.

  • adesignrsa

    RE: Kyle

  • eXplosive

    Both of those sites are nice. I didn’t have any problems with Firefox.

  • Dr.G

    There is another decent too at

  • FeaturePics Images

    Excellent tool to put together a lovely color palette! I like the ability to switch between mono/analogic/contrast schemes. Excellent job!

    If you need an instant answer – I would recommend to check Color palette generator at This is useful for coming up with a website color palette that matches a key image that a client can work with.

    I have generated a few color palettes and the results are pretty good.

    You ca check them at

    Thank you very much for posting your link. It is how we learn from each other.

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