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ColdFusion now has its own forum here on the SitePoint network! If you haven’t joined SitePoint Forums yet, we’d invite you to do so. It’s a great place for discussions about programming, getting help with questions, and honing your skills while helping others out, too.

We don’t take any responsibility, though, for any addiction caused by registering at SPF… :)

  • BSquared18

    When I try to install the downloaded trial version of ColdFusion on WIN 2000, I get the message “Please select another location to extract the installer to.” I’ve seen the problem discussed on other forums, but none of the suggestions seems to work. It’s not a space issue, since I have several Gbs of space. It’s probably not a corruption issue, since I’ve downloaded the file three times. I’ve turned off Norton Antivirus, and that didn’t help. I’ve rebooted. I’ve tried booting up in the safe mode. I’ve basically run out of ideas! Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  • babsd

    I am trying to confugure apache apache_1.3.34-win32-x86-no_src.exe using coldfusion mx on windows xp service pack 2 media center
    when I point on http://localhost/CFIDE/administrator/index.cfm
    my browser prompts me to save the .cfm file to my computer.
    please help me I am learning

  • cowboyCoder

    I need to access the following properties of an Access 97 table field by specifying the table name and field name:
    – required
    – data type
    – field size
    – default value

    This is possible in ADO (and ASP), but I need to do it in a custom tag of CF5. Is there a way to get these field property values?


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