ColdFusion Developers Unite!

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…posted by davidjmedlock:

Many thanks to Sitepoint Forums member creole for letting me know about the Nashville CFUG (ColdFusion User Group) meeting tonight. I knew that Nashville had a CFUG, but I have yet to attend one due to an extremely hectic schedule. While I won’t be going tonight, I do plan to attend the next one and report back here on what it’s like.

ColdFusion User Groups have always interested me, despite my lack of support for them up until now, because I’ve always wondered what kinds of ColdFusion jobs are available in my area. I noticed that some of the topics that will be covered in tonight’s meeting specifically include employment opportunities, as well as how to interview someone for a development position.

As ColdFusion developers, interviewing others is something we should all learn at least something about. I’ve now worked for two companies where more than just the management was involved in hiring decisions. It’s important for all members of the development team to be acquainted with the serious applicants for a position. These are people that you could find yourself working with on a daily basis, so I feel that management should allow some degree of input from the development team. This isn’t just for ColdFusion developers, obviously. It really applies to any field.

Anyway, I really wish that I could hear the entire presentation, but alas, I’ve had prior arrangements for the evening. Next time maybe I’ll know further in advance.

If you want to find a ColdFusion User Group in your area, try EasyCFM’s listing of CFUG’s. And yes, there is one in Pakistan and one in Saudi Arabia for all of my middle eastern readers out there. :)

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