By Philip Miseldine

cmd.exe inside Explorer

By Philip Miseldine

An essential little .NET coded app I now can’t live without is CommandBar, which embeds a command line window into a running Windows Explorer. It can even synchronize with Explorer, so no more “cd /thisdir/thatdir/whatdir/”.

And the icing on the cake is it comes with a comprehensive, user-definable set of script snippets for the .NET SDK.

Grab it now!

  • picasso-trigger

    it would be way nicer if explorer would remember the previuos view. when you close explorer and reopen it, you have to go back to the view menu to turn it back on.

    at that point, i rather have a quick launch icon to “cmd.exe”

  • Just type Ctrl-M :)

  • Very cool, thanks!

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