CloudSpring: Mobile Apps, Clouds and Cloud Bursts

Larry Glover

Many of my developer friends like to tell me, “The web is dead.  Long live mobile!” My apologies to them and the subscribers over on BuildMobile…but not so fast, my friends! I wholeheartedly agree there are tremendous opportunities in the mobile app market.  Heck, I love an angry bird as much as the next guy, but mobile apps alone (those limited in functionality to the mobile phone or tablet) are nothing more than productivity enablers.  They help when we’re untethered from our computers to track expenses, take notes, play games, etc.  Just like spreadsheet programs and word processing programs on early-generation PC’s allowed us to be productive when we were un-cabled from the mainframe, mobile apps give us the benefit of being productive when we’re on the road and isolated from the web. But seriously, that limited definition of a mobile app—that being an app with functionality constrained to a single platform, cell phone or tablet—has long been altered by most of us. I’m sure there are some holdouts that disagree and I’ll hear from both of those Palm developers still out there. Just kidding! I can still crank out COBOL and Assembler code too.  But why would I

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Mobile Apps, Clouds and Cloud Bursts