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CloudSpring: How to Use Cloud Computing to Create New Business Opportunities

By Larry Glover



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By now, most of the world has defined cloud computing to match their own use of new services and solutions. Every impacted stakeholder in the organization has their own definition of the “cloud” although they may not know what it means in general to IT industry stakeholders. To the developer, coding for the cloud means building new, but not entirely unusual, interfaces for accessing and managing data; maybe learning a new protocol or programming language.

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How to Use Cloud Computing to Create New Business Opportunities

Although he doesn’t feel that “experienced,” Larry started working in the IT industry when it was cool to code IBM Assembler and NEAT/3 on punch cards and “cloud computing” meant the night shift was smoking something in the data center. Now as a consultant, he’s focused on building actionable IT strategies and delivering new technology to organizations large and small. He’s also an enthusiastic evangelist of the opportunities cloud computing brings to all organizations around the world.

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