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CloudSpring: Build Your App in the Cloud with Heroku and the Facebook SDK

By Vito Tardia



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When I first came across Heroku it was a Ruby-only cloud service. I wasn’t a Ruby developer so I quickly forgot about it. But then they partnered with Facebook and you could create a Facebook app hosted on Heroku with the Facebook PHP-SDK in just a couple of clicks. Now the question: is it possible to create a PHP application with Heroku that works both outside and inside of Facebook?

Original post:
Build Your App in the Cloud with Heroku and the Facebook SDK

Vito Tardia (a.k.a. Ragman), is a freelance web designer and full stack developer. He works for various types of clients, from small and medium businesses to well-known web agencies. He offers basically two services: he can help you solve problems and achieve goals, by using technology, the internet and a good amount of creativity and chutzpah. In practice, Vito builds web sites and applications with fanatical attention to detail applying industry best practices. Vito is also a skilled guitarist and music composer. His music adventure started back in 1996 with the power metal band Pandaemonium and their album …and the Runes begin to pray. Since then, he enjoys jamming with local (hard) rock bands.

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