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Cloud for Business, PHPFog, Amazon Cloud Drive, and More

By Aaron Osteraas



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What The Cloud Means for Your Business

Cloud is the (relatively) new buzzword in office computing. To those of us who started our careers in the 90s or early 2000s, we’ve grown up in an office filled with computers that were becoming more and more a part of how we worked, and until now, we can barely imagine doing without them.

Say hello to PHPFog

PHPFog is a relatively new cloud hosting provider, specifically designed for PHP applications. Their mission statement is “less management, more code,” and we’ll see how this rings true when creating our first app.

Amazon Cloud Drive

You may of heard about Amazon S3, and EC2, but Amazon also offer another cloud storage solution called Amazon Cloud Drive. It’s a more user friendly storage cloud and you get a free 5 Gb storage limit, and any music you buy from Amazon MP3 downloads can be stored there too – without affecting your free 5Gb space.

Fake S3 – Save time, money, and develop offline

Amazon S3 is a extremely powerful service at the core of Amazon Web Services. However, outside of a production environment, S3 can be challenging to work with. Spool built Fake S3 to make working with S3 in development and testing environments much easier. The goal was to make a self contained executable that can mimic the majority of S3 Rest API with few external dependencies.

Amazon DynamoDB

Amazon DynamoDB was recently released as a high-performance, easily scalable, SQL alternative. Today we have a presentation on building apps with it!

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