CFML History?

By Eric Jones

Ever wanted to know the history of Coldfusion? Raymond Camden pointed me (who was pointed by Tim Buntell) to this link.

Looks interesting enough. i’ll have to download it later and geek out in front of the fireplace :)

FYI for those of you following Hurricane IVAN here in the US. It blew through Atlanta and left a lot of downed trees, flooded streets, and an overall mess! Here’s pictures of our parking lot (and during the clean-up).

Of course we didn’t get anything like the poor folks in AL, and FL did. Hope all is well in your neighborhood!

  • http://www.ryanguill.com Rynoguill

    i think im going to wait till they update it with blackstone things. but this is cool, thanks for the link.

  • http://r937.com/ r937

    anybody have a list of version release dates? that history link just discusses individual tags and functions and which version they work in

    i’m interested in knowing when each version of coldfusion was released



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