Central Desktop Launches Enterprise Version

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Pasadena, California-based SaaS collaboration and project management suite provider Central Desktop (previous coverage) is today announcing the release of their new enterprise version. The three year old company, which announced a $7 million funding round last March, provides collaboration software to 200,000 users, most notably to the presidential campaign of US president-elect Barack Obama.

CEO Isaac Garcia told me that although Central Desktop has always targeted small-to-medium sized businesses, they have already been serving a number of enterprise customers. The new enterprise solution is designed to meet the demands of those customers.

According to Garcia, SaaS apps are a great alternative for SMBs looking to save money during the current economic downturn.

“Our enterprise customers demand deep functionality and a high-level of security and reliability along with integration into existing systems and applications, but companies today don’t want to pay for or maintain expensive hardware or software — everyone is looking for ways to reduce waste,” he said in a press release. “Our sole focus is to bring business users the best technology available on the market with the least amount of resistance — SaaS is great for the bottom-line of a growing company as well as for a larger company that’s searching for cost-saving solutions.”

Central Desktop’s enterprise package comes with improved security, Salesforce.com integration, unlimited API access, and an SLA that guarantees 99.8% uptime. But the centerpiece of the new package is the Workflow manager. The Workflow function allows customers to create automated email notifications and tasks based on events at the file and database level in Central Desktop.

For example, one could set up the software to automatically notify a specific employee or department when a task is completed, create a new task based on the outcome. So a project manager could set up Central Desktop to automatically create a task for the IT guys to push live changes on the web site once approval has been by the editorial department.

The Workflow manager permeates the entire suite of tools and can be based at the database of file level.

The new enterprise version of the software starts at $499/month.

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