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Caution: Online Publishing is Permanent

By Blane Warrene

Interesting article in today’s Wall Street Journal (sorry – subscription required but there is a free two week trial!).

It seems that today’s attorneys are using the Wayback Machine and other caching services like Google to nail down folks on what they have potentially said, posted, hosted or otherwise executed online in years past even after pages have been deleted.

Precedent has now been set via a lawsuit by Dell against a small computer maker who in the past used as a bit of humor and redirected to his own business site.

Using the cache of old pages – Dell was able to gain a favorable ruling and take possession of the domain and close it down.

As a web professional, great thought should go into any endeavor that has the possibility of crossing the line. I am not suggesting supressing free speech – however – consider legal fees and your reputation when possibly shifting into unchartered waters.

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