Case Study: The difference a web design firm can make

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We took a vacation in Wyoming/Idaho last week to look for a summer log cabin property. The local real estate market provided a telling example about the difference a web design firm can make.

Before going on our trip, I contacted a few realtors via Google and the web to inquire about properties. Ultimately, one realtor proved to be extremely responsive. She provided me with excellent emails with a long list of properties that met our criteria, and also gave advice about where to look. She seemed well qualified and professional. And her web site was professional, and came up early if not first in searches, so I guessed she was a market leader.

When we arrived in Wyoming and met with her, she remained well qualified and professional, and she helped us find a property. But here’s the thing: She was a relative unknown in the marketplace. In fact, two real estate firms dominated the county where we were seeking property. They had all the listings and had been there for decades. Meanwhile, “our” realtor was just opening an office in the area.

But we found her thanks to an excellent web designer/SEO expert who placed her URL at the top of search engines, and helped her create a web presence that met my needs.

Technology isn’t the whole story here, as she was extremely responsive, professional, etc.

If I were her firm’s web designer, I would be publicizing this case study all over the place: How realtor breaks into new market, despite long-established competition. I’d focus on small and mid-sized real estate firms nationwide in similar circumstances.

That’s the kind of results you should be getting for your clients, and also the kind of solution you should be incorporating in your marketing message.

As this blog tries to hammer home, you are in the business of helping your clients succeed; web design and development is merely a tool to do that.

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