Caption This!

By Sarah Hawk

Here is the latest installment in our weekly caption competition. If you’re part of our Facebook community then you’ve already had the heads up on this one. You may have noticed a name change though – this competition, previously called ‘Name That Pic’ – will from this day forward be known as ‘Caption This’ to reflect the name of a very cool new Facebook app that I have in the works.

It’s not tricky – post your caption idea in the comments section some time over the weekend and I’ll pick a couple of winners at my discretion. The aformentioned winners will be selected and announced on Monday (Down-Under).

Here is this week’s photo:


The winning entry from Facebook was “Livin’ the Australian office dream: a carousel, uncomfortable cafeteria chairs, an artfully placed Pinterest logo and a green picket fence.” You can see the rest of the entries here. The best two entries (in my opinion) will win themselves digital copies of The WordPress Anthology.

  • SEO is a Carnival

  • “Honest dear, I wasn’t drunk when bidding for children’s miniature carousels on eBay, it just looked, err… ever so… small and tiny in the picture.”

  • Guess all the kids are at home playing with their free Google Pandas.

  • Michael Dawson

    Leaked footage of the Anonymous hideout.

  • Paul Barratt

    Once IBM Watson started doing search, Google’s fortunes floundered; forcing them to relocate

  • Patty

    Maybe I’ve gotten spoiled by The New Yorker’s caption contests, but I read a lot of the entries and didn’t see a single good one! Advise you to keep the contest open.

  • sillycaption

    “4 out of 5 experts agree: companies should abandon SEO in favor of carousel rides. The fifth expert was too confused by the question to respond.”

  • You’re right Patty, there are not many entries to choose from this week! Maybe the image was a bit tricky. It’s all good though – I happen to find the entries from Paul Barratt and sillycaption highly entertaining, so those two take the prize. Congratulations guys, I’ll be in touch.

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