Caption This!

By Sarah Hawk

It’s that time of the week… and I don’t mean Friday afternoon (which it just so happens to be in my part of the world). It’s caption competition time! If you’re part of our Facebook community  then you may have already seen this one, and if you’re Gary Young then you’ve already won. If you’re not Gary, now is your chance.

Post your caption idea in the comments section some time over the weekend and I’ll pick a winner on Monday (NZ time). Make sure you include your email when you enter so that I can contact you if you win.

The best entry (in my opinion!) wins a digital copy of Kevin Yank’s latest book PHP & MySQL: Novice to Ninja

Here is this week’s photo:



  • Jim

    Rival Sitepoint supermodels tussle over coveted cover shoot!

  • Rick Casey

    What happens when a developer takes mocking too far…

  • Larry

    Ha! Only .Net could make me seem svelt

  • Lee

    Forget about last time when I dropped you…

  • Is “mount” a PHP-command?

  • cpradio

    The employees egg’d them on as the new candidates for CEO gave their final presentations

  • Valerie

    “Oh, sure. Everyone sees the elephant in the room just fine… but no one ever pays attention to the robot!”

  • Robot: “I am Optimus Prime, and I send this message to any surviving Autobots taking refuge among the stars: We are here… we are waiting.” Elephant: “Yeah? Do you know anything about late static binding?”

  • Joel

    “I know you make it really easy to hash passwords, but I’m not kidding…Tuts+ Premium was storing them in clear text when they got hacked!”



  • Brendan

    “And the file had so much code… it was THIS BIG”.

  • “What’s that? You never saw a FRAMEWORK before!?”

  • Ray

    “Oh Yoshimi, they don’t believe me, but you won’t let those robots defeat me.”

  • Paul Barratt

    Where’s that pesky Ninja when you want him?
    If .. I… can…. just…… push this dumb robot off the table,
    maybe Kevin’s book will get in the super bundle?

  • cpradio

    The employees cheered them on as the new candidates for CEO gave their final presentations

  • You’re too good this week! I could give the prize to half of you. I’m going to award two – my favourites are from Valerie and Larry. Brilliant work. Thanks to all for entering.

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