Caption This!

By Sarah Hawk

If you’ve been waiting with bated breath for this week’s caption competition then wait no longer. If you hang around our Facebook page then you’ve probably already had a go at this one. If not, now is your chance.

Post your caption idea in the comments section some time over the weekend and I’ll pick a couple of winners at my discretion on Monday (here in NZ). Make sure you include your email when you enter so that I can contact you if you win.

Here is this week’s photo:

The best entry (in my opinion!) wins a digital copy of HTML5 & CSS3 For The Real World.




  • MB

    we still get payed

  • Just send the book over to XKCD…

  • Rob

    Mmmmm… Chupa Chups…

  • Mike Cunneen

    The input devices of the future.

  • Chris

    Who left out the chuppa chups again ?

  • the gaming geek station

  • Dave

    The wine delivery guy just arrived.

  • Sam

    … and then it was war and no one survived.

    At our production table.

  • alan

    “well we tried a new team building exorcise.. computer monitors are surprsingly ineffective shields”

  • Chris

    This just in: Preschool developers create app to melt Lumber Jacks.

  • “Cry Havoc and Let Slip The Dogs of War! (oh, and don’t forget your Rubik’s Cube. A Rubiks Cube – that’ll really scare our enemies.)”

  • TaoistTotty

    I see the boss is in again

  • Gilles van den Hoven

    Somebody stole our art from the wall! Let’s suit up and get it back!

  • Who tidied my desk? I can not find the photon beam generator and the laser blaster!

  • Leonard Challis

    Kevin Yank prepared his IE bug zapping toolkit.

  • Tony Hughes

    Told you the geeks would run!!!

  • cpradio

    My computer went down and I was told to fix it, so I went MacGyver style

  • Matt

    When it’s bring your kid to work day… we put away the toys and candy.

  • “Fire drill! Stop what you are doing; put everything down, and evacuate the building immediately via the nearest safe exit…”

  • Valerie

    So you’re my new officemate? Here, you take that side of the desk; I’ll take this one.

  • Ryan B.

    no survivors

  • Mom…where did you put my chupa cups…they were right here

  • ok everybody… Who stole the pictures off the wall again?

  • cpradio

    When my pc broken down, I was told to fix it myself, so I did MacGyver style (tooks a spring from the gun, a sticker from the rubiks cube and everything was good to go)

  • Tsukasa

    Gun? Ooh, bigger gun? Crap, no one to shoot (at).

  • shinybetty

    Microsoft pulled out all the big guns to take on the latest Apple technology

  • “Growing up.. Sorry, not in my vocabulary”
    “Toys are for kids? Let’s solve this with nerfs”
    “I’m an adult with money. I can buy as many toys as I want!”

  • todd

    nerd rapture

  • JR

    We were decidedly under prepared for the pending zombie apocalypse.

  • The level design department of the new Tomb Raider game had some unorthodox methods.

  • Curtis Pope

    Now out of beer, worked ceased, and the toys were quickly cast aside. Everyone was off to the bar!

  • Come on guys! I was only gone for 3 days!

  • Preparing for this months office warfare games, I will win this time!

  • Lunch time at the I.R.S.

  • Bhavesh Mirani

    It’s a school night?

  • nerfwarfare

    Sitepoint’s PR department prepares to announce a new logo to a community of designers.

  • raghavendra

    ‘when manual mode starts this happens’

  • Once again you’ve made my Monday. This week the prize goes to JR for “We were decidedly under prepared for the pending zombie apocalypse.”

    See you all on Friday for another go…

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