Can’t You See I’m Busy … Playing Games?

By Craig Buckler

games at workAuthor’s statement: Neither I nor SitePoint condone the website referenced in this article. This is a topical news story and we take no responsibility for any loss of productivity!

Many of the visitors to SitePoint are freelancers and small business owners. Wasting time at work is our prerogative and it’s directly related to our profitability. However, most of us have also worked for large corporations and may have noticed a few employees not devoting 100% of their time to the job.

That’s why sites such as are so shocking. It allows workers to play games which are disguised as documents or spreadsheets. It’s been done before but these are better than most. You look busy, but you’re having fun — and fun is against the corporate policy of many industry giants.

I subjected myself to these outrageous abominations purely in the interest of investigative journalism.


BreakdownBreakdown is a Breakout clone but you hit words instead of bricks. It looks like Word 2003 and your mouse controls the horizontal scroll bar which is the paddle. Normal words require one hit, bold words require two, and horizontal lines are invulnerable.

Cost Cutter

Cost CutterCost Cutter is a puzzle game that’s a combination of Tetris and Bejeweled. And Microsoft Excel. Chart columns move in from the left and you can remove blocks by clicking any with one or more adjacent blocks of the same color.


LeadershipLeadership is Lunar Lander on a PowerPoint chart background. You need to maneuver your ship using thrusters to land on a pad and progress to the next level. I mean slide.

All high scores are saved to the website. This simply provides another reason for idle employees to shun daily tasks in an effort to beat other slackers.

I spent several hours investigating these games. Although they’re basic, they’re all addictive and more interesting than real work. I will be conducting more thorough research to discover the long-term effects of exposure…

  • Good stuff. I particularly liked Leadership. But the fact that the games are preceded by a loud advertisement makes them a really bad idea for an office!

  • hairybob

    Your opening sentence requires revision…
    Neither / nor
    Either / or

  • brilliant. Link forwarded to friends’ work emails …

  • Andy Cairns

    Man, are you trying to kill me? I have enough procrastination issues as it is without finding something like this!


  • aaa

    “Many of the visitors to SitePoint are freelancers and small business owners. Wasting time at work is our prerogative and it’s directly related to our profitability”

    How is wasting time at work directly related to our profitability?

    Who writes this rubbish? And why?

    Sitepoint used to be a forum worth taking seriously.

    What went wrong??

  • Tim

    No good if the game involves frantic clicking and/or keyboard mashing. YOU still need to look like you’re working, even if what you are “working” on isn’t work.

  • Vincent

    try neither/nor in your opening sentence

  • Jimm

    Are there any versions for software engineers and web developers?
    Our work is not THAT much more interesting than office workers who use Word and Excel all day.

  • davidcroda


    As a freelancer the less time you spend working the less money you make, period. Seems like a pretty direct relationship to me

  • Taking breaks is actually good for your productivity. Most people work best in relatively short bursts, and if you don’t take a break in 8 hours, your productivity and the quality of your work will fall sharply.

  • I think it is a shame that this is even promoted. Playing, while you are supposed to be working is stealing from the company you work for. The fact you are disguising something says enough… Unless you are doing this at coffee time, or you own the place, you are ripping someone off.

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