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BuildMobile: Twitter in iOS, GTA III, Mobile Analytics, and More

By Aaron Osteraas



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Designing Responsively: Fundamental Practices

You might already know of responsive design, mobile-first approach, and graceful degradation techniques to build widely accessible websites and web apps. In this post, I focus on the mobile-first aspect of design, and beyond this will highlight some techniques that could also enhance the desktop version of your site.

Authorizing Twitter in iOS

iOS5 provides an API for securing authorisation details centrally and providing access to them to any application that wants it. This means that users only have one place to go if they wish to de-authorise or modify account details. Neat.

GTA III: 10 Year Anniversary Edition

Rockstar Games released a port of Grand Theft Auto III for iOS and select Android devices in celebration of the game’s 10th anniversary. So, does the epic Liberty City saga of violence and revenge translate to mobile devices?

Software Testing: A History

Software testing now enjoys a level of acceptance that was not always there. In the early days of software development, debugging was the primary form of software test. It was primarily performed by the programmer who wrote the code and the object was to get the application to working without crashing the system.

Supercharge Your Twitter Experience with UberSocial

Google Analytics Tracking for Mobile Sites

Mobile sites are becoming extremely popular with businesses today. You could even argue that it’s catching up to Social Media’s popularity. This tutorial is going to show how to make sure your new jQuery Mobile site is performing properly, and getting the results you want.

Aaron was formerly the Managing Editor for SitePoint Online.

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