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BuildMobile: Roll Your Own Framework With Backbone.js

By Julio Cesar Ody



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Let’s make a collective decision here. We’ll stop treating A-grade mobile phones as aliens, and see them for what they are: powerful, capable devices, running powerful rendering engines. Throwing a framework at your app, such as jQuery Mobile, Sencha, or anything that gives you the popular iOS-like native look and feel, instantly boxes you into a set of choices, design and functionality-wise.

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BuildMobile: Roll Your Own Framework With Backbone.js

Julio is a freelance coder, a poet, and a wannabe designer. During his 12 years as a full-stack software engineer he has worn the various hats of sysadmin, architect and software developer, worked for big companies and small startups, and in the process migrated from Brazil to Australia. More recently Julio grew too interested in design for his own good, and began freelancing under the codename of Awesome By Design, writing a bunch of software which he open sourced on GitHub, giving presentations using his own presentation framework, and building software that not only does the job, but does so in style.

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