BuildMobile: Handling the Twitter API in iOS5

By Andy White

Today I’m going to take a bit of a break from writing about Orny to discuss Apple’s APIs for Twitter integration, newly introduced in the iOS 5 SDK . Specifically, we’re going to cover the Twitter framework (an elaboration of NSHTTPRequest ), the Accounts framework (a central framework and daemon for the storage and management of account credentials) and we’ll briefly touch on NSJSONSerialization , Apple’s previously private (and now public) implementation of a JSON-to-Foundation-Object parser (it also works the other way ‘round). Beginnings I’m going to assume that you’ve read our previous iOS Tutorials and know how to start a new project. Things are a little different in the new version of Xcode, but not so different that past instructions are too badly out of date

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BuildMobile: Handling the Twitter API in iOS5

Meet the author
Andy is a software developer who regularly uses PHP, Ruby, and Objective-C to build for the Web and mobile web. His passions are teaching and enabling people, and building new things. In addition to holding down a secretive day job, he runs OiOi Studios by night.

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