BuildMobile: Featured App: Secret

By Jamie Curmi

I’m fascinated by ciphers. There is a great book on code breaking by Simon Singh called The Code Book: The Science of Secrecy from Ancient Egypt to Quantum Cryptography . The book is full of different encoding methods people have used throughout the ages to hide their secret messages. This book was the inspiration for an application I had in mind to make – something that would allow you to choose an encoding method from a large range of methods, and encode a message so that another person receiving the message could decode it (with the right key).

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BuildMobile: Featured App: Secret

Meet the author
Jamie is a Software Engineer and CTO of an Australian health care company. Over the years Jamie has worked in Academia, Artificial Intelligence, Telecommunications and the Health Care Industry. In his spare time he writes Mac and iPhone software for his own company Curmi.com, rarely updates his blog, and watches too much TV.

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