Building a Better Web Browser

By Blane Warrene

Some interesting theory from a former Internet Explorer program manager who is now out on his own as a product design and project management consultant.

Sometimes it is a breath of fresh air to step back and take the 10,000 foot view of a topic — and perhaps see a perspective at first glance we might disagree with.

  • Certainly an interesting read. Although I’d disagree with a lot of what Scott says :) The article also starts poorly with a typo on the first line hehe

  • I think something close to the perfect browser is avant browser. It uses the ie layout render but it has taken care of most security flaws

  • Hierophant

    If only Avant Browser didn’t crash every five seconds. It is doubtful that any one program will be perfect for everyone nor fulfill 100% of everyone’s needs.

  • zero7

    I’ve been using Avant Browser exclusively for quite a while now and I’ve never had it crash (yet).

  • well the new avant browser 10 is kinda buggy. odd because avant 9 was really stable

  • Haven’t tried Avant yet, but since Internet Explorer’s layout engine isn’t very good (as a designer when I ever have to fix an odd standards compliance bug on one of my pages it is for ie) it doesn’t sound like avant would be all that good.

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