Build Websites that Take Care of Business with Adobe Business Catalyst

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Today we’re kicking off a two-part tutorial series that will introduce you to the wonderful world of Adobe Business Catalyst, an online business platform for websites and online stores, built for web designers.

In part one, author Rob Frieman walks us through the process of building a template-driven website with a database-driven back end for a fictional Irish dance school. Along the way you’ll learn how to create integrated ecommerce functionality and email marketing capabilities.

Additional reading includes;

Using a combination of templates, web pages, modules, ecommerce, web forms and email marketing reports, you’ll see how easy it is to deliver on the sometimes competing demands of building a website and creating online business solutions.

Make sure you stay tuned for part two, where we’ll put Business Catalyst’s payment processing and reporting capabilities under the microscope.

We also have a quiz for you to tackle, sponsored by Adobe Business Catalyst, so make you sure you give it a go once you’ve read the article.

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