By Harry Fuecks

Brunch in Zurich next Sunday?

By Harry Fuecks

On the off chance you happen to be in Zurich, Switzerland, next Sunday (25th April) and want to meet up, will be at the station21 gallery for brunch. It’s for the final day of Natalie’s (my partner) photography exhibition.

The gallery is open from 11am to 4pm. Food served from 11 – 2 – enough for about 20 people so if you’re hungry, get there early. Along with photography and general “hanging out”, should be some live jazz. Hopefully the ideal lazy Sunday.

Map is here. From Zurich main station take tram number 14 towards Triemli and get off at Schmiede Wiedikon.

Look forward to seeing you (unless of course you happen to live to the other side of the planet).

  • Yeah, would’ve loved to come but like your bottomline says, I do happen to live on the other side of the planet. :) Kinda hard to come by for free lunch. ;)

  • Hmm that map link appears to be pointing to the U.S as far as I can see.

  • Nikobass

    Maybe post this announce in the forum ? This isn’t related to PHP…

  • “Hmm that map link appears to be pointing to the U.S as far as I can see.”

    Wierd – seeing the same now. Looks like MapQuest uses sessions when switching countries in involved, even though the “countryID” is in the URL.

    “This isn’t related to PHP…”

    Was meant as an ad doc PHP meetup. Plus there’s some “PHP issues” that the designer of the gallery’s website needs pointing out to them…

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