Breaking Open: AngularJS

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Name Breaking Open: AngularJS
Description AngularJS is a JavaScript framework that focuses on enhancing browser-based applications with MVC capability. Miško Hevery started the project in 2009, while working at Google, and now it’s showing up in applications like the YouTube app for PlayStation 3.rnrnIn this episode of Breaking Open, Marakana Instructor Simeon Franklin gets behind the scenes of AngularJS with the founder of the project. He and Miško will talk about the beginnings of AngularJS, how the project came to be sponsored by Google, the community around Angular, alternative frameworks, documentation, its relationship to other Google projects (like Dart), and how Angular addresses issues around SEO.rnrn**Download the free audio version here:
Tags Tech
Target Skill Level intermediate
Author Profile MarakanaTechTV
Published 2013-05-17 20:59:42