Branding with Lea

Seems like every day I seem to stumble across another talented designer with impecable CSS chops.

Today I came across and really nice article on ‘the art self-branding’ by Edmonton designer, Lea Alcantara.

Self branding is all about ‘boiling off’ all the peripheral information until you’re left with a simplified purer version of you, but the difficult part is usually choosing the right stuff to remove. The truth is, it’s often easier to understand the essentials of someone else’s company than the one you spend most of your waking hours in. Lea takes you through a set of processes and question designed to help you get to the essence of your company identity.

The nice bit is Lea has just gone through this process with her (killer logo too), so she’s writing with fresh eyes and a very practical mindset.

Part II is on the way, so I’m looking forward to more from her.