Branding lessons from a 3-year old and a hot dog stand

My son loves hot dogs. This weekend we went to a hot dog stand called, “Hot Diggity Dog.” They served good hot dogs, but nothing unique or special.

But my son loved the place. “I want a Hot Diggity Dog!” he’s been saying for the last couple of days.

Again, “The Hot Diggity Dog” is just a hot dog. Nothing more.


This gets one to thinking about branding. Today the fashionable definition of a brand is the entire experience a customer has of your business.

But let’s keep it simple: Do you brand your services the way Hot Diggity Dog brands their hot dogs? Why not have a (Hot Diggity Dog) Web Assessment? Or the (Hot Diggity Dog) 3-step Agile Development Process? Or the (Hot Diggity Dog) Remote Technology Audit? (Of course, insert a catchy name for Hot Diggity Dog).

A hot dog is just a hot dog, until it is branded. In many respects, the same is true of professional services.

Are you branding your services with a catchy, memorable name? What else are you doing to create a unique customer experience?