Blinds Transition Effect for Flash MX 2004 Professional

By sgrosvenor

Note: Flash MX 2004 Professional Only!

See Blinds Transition Effect for Flash MX 2004 Professional in Action>>

Download Blinds Transition Effect for Flash MX 2004 Professional>>

Following on from yesterdays post (Pixel Dissolver for Flash MX 2004 Professional), I’ve created the Blinds Transition Effect in a similar fashion.

All that remains for me to do now, is to port the rest of the effects into a single interface and we’ll have a nifty effect generation utility

  • mmountain

    Begs the question why Macromedia didn’t impliment it this way in the first place….

  • nice one! Keep ’em coming.

  • Boy, this Blog is getting hotter & hotter. Thanks again Steve.

    BTW, I understand that this panel is for FlashMX 2004 Pro only but the effect will work in Flash Player 6 or 5(stubbornly hopeful) or is it only a Flash Player 7 luxury?

  • sgrosvenor

    I also wondered why no-one has captured the power of this built in but subtley hidden functionality yet, and why MM didn’t extend its functionality easily to an MC based arena.

    Still, no bother, as we are doing that now :-)

    On the note of Flash Player 7, the effect is purely for FP7 (AS 2.0) and FP6 (as 2.0), and doesn’t downgrade to FP5

  • sgrosvenor

    Here is an other example, of how the effect can be utilised, using a phot split into several distinct strips, and the effect applied a strip at a time with increasing duration

    Example Photo Strips & Blinds Transition Effect

  • meceto

    Hi how can i use this transition?Can you tell me some kind of tutorial or something like that for blind transition?

  • Anonymous

    Hi sgrosvenor,

    First, thanks for your contribution!

    Second, may I ask how to use it? I installed it and tried to use it but it did not work. Do you have step by step instructions?


  • Anonymous

    I can see that this effect is only usable on a movie clip. So in answer to the previous post, create a movie clip and then apply the transition effect and it should work fine.
    For instance, try importing an image to the library/stage, turning it from a graphic symbol to a movie symbol, and then inserting the automatic actionscript in the timeline from the blinds transition panel. If you cant see this panel you’ll need to bring it up by clicking Windows > Other Panels > transitions (blinds)
    I am sure this effect is useful in many other ways that I haven’t yet discovered. A very useful tool and greatly appreciated.

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