Blackstone in beta Officially

By Eric Jones

Well the next version of ColdFusion codename Blackstone has gone into official beta testing. Tim Buntell revealed this fact earlier today and all ready people are buzzing about who made the cut and who didn’t. Everyone wants to know what can they talk about without having the NDA come crashing down on them.

According to Tim invites are rolling out slowly but surely. They are batching them out so if you haven’t gotten yours yet don’t give up hope.

When you do get yours be sure to read the NDA before doing much more, this is your legal bible which deals with everything you can and can’t say / do with the beta.

  • Joe

    Looking forward to the new version, had a good experience from upgradeing from 4.5 to 6.1 … can it get better?

  • I’m looking forward to deploying compiled apps without source code. At the same time, I’m not looking forward to it from the standpoint of a client who licenses CF apps from vendors… Could make it a bit more difficult at the negotiation table…

  • jonese

    On the topic of upgrading Ben Forta has said that Blackstone is basically MX with tweaks and fixes but more heavily it’s a feature laden upgrade.

    Also according to his blog (lost the exact post) his and site have been running Blackstone since early alpha’s and they are constantly being upgraded with the latest builds.

    from this data I’d say an upgrade from MX to Blackstone will be a breeze :)

    And on the Vendor licensing and purchasing I agree with David. This is going to make our jobs as developers and designers a bit more interesting especially when a client comes to us and says “I’d like you to integrate X with our current site and build in Y and Z functionality”….hopefully those “vendors” will be willing to help out the design shops looking or being asked to implement there wares.

  • Kelly

    Blackstone will be sick.
    The new features are sick.
    I havent had the chance to play with the beta that much but as I do I will comment more.

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