By Alyssa Gregory

21 BlackBerry Apps for Professionals

By Alyssa Gregory

blackberryI love my BlackBerry Bold. It’s almost like my mobile office because it lets me stay in the loop without being tethered to my computer. I can read and respond to e-mails, participate in social networks, view and edit documents, manage tasks and read blogs. And that’s just a few of the ways I use my BlackBerry!

Here are 21 BlackBerry applications you may want to add to your device to make yourself more accessible and productive (and have some fun, too).

Office Tools

1. Documents To Go – View, edit and create Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files and attachments on your BlackBerry ($69.99).

2. Empower InstaSpell – In-line spell checker that integrates with most native BlackBerry apps ($15).

3. eOffice 4.6 Mobile Office Suite – Access, manage and edit Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files ($29.95).

4. File Manager Pro – Manage files on your BlackBerry; open, create, extract and append Zip archives ($11.95).

5. Opera Mini – Browse the Web with this mobile browser (free).


6. Bluetooth File Sharing – Share files via Bluetooth protocol ($9.95).

7. Evernote for Blackberry – Capture photos, notes, and voice memos and sync with your Evernote account on your desktop (free).

8. Gmail – Manage multiple Gmail accounts on your BlackBerry (free).

9. Google Sync – Synchronize the calendar and address book on your BlackBerry with your Google account (free).

10. rdmRDM+: Remote Desktop for Mobiles – Remotely access your computer from your BlackBerry ($39.95).

11. SugarSync – Access, update and synchronize files from your desktop (free with SugarSync backup service, starts at $4.99/mo).

12. Viigo RSS Reader – Follow all of your favorite RSS feeds on your BlackBerry (free).

Social Media

13. Facebook – Connect and manage your Facebook account on your BlackBerry (free).

14. Flickr – Take pictures on your BlackBerry and upload right to your Flickr account (free).

15. IM+ All-in-One Messenger – Chat through all of your IM accounts, including AIM/iChat, MSN/Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo!, ICQ, Jabber, Google Talk, MySpaceIM, Facebook and Skype ($39.95).

16. Twitterberry – Post and read Twitter updates (free).


17. Bubble Burst – Play an addictive color matching game ($2.99).

18. iheartradioIHeart Radio – Stream more than 350 Clear Channel radio stations on your BlackBerry (free).

19. Pandora – Stream personalized music on your BlackBerry (free).

20. Sudoku Master – Play Sudoku with varying levels of difficulty ($14.95).

21. TV Guide Mobile – Get television listings, movie reviews and entertainment news (free).

There are thousands of other useful BlackBerry apps…what’s your favorite?

All prices in USD.

  • Lee Simpson

    TwitterBerry is really bad! UberTwitter is a much better option.

  • Meera Tank

    Uber Twitter instead of TwitterBerry is very good – Nice list :)


  • i would also suggest Google Talk for those addicted to gchat.

  • likethegoddess

    Solid list. Though I’d substitute TinyTwitter for TwitterBerry.

  • Anonymouse

    Bolt is the best browser for the Blackberry that I’ve found. And it’s free.

  • Brady

    Here are my (free) essentials that were not mentioned in this article (BlackBerry Storm):
    Google Maps (uses built-in GPS)
    WeatherBug (can use either GPS or set the location manually)
    GPSLogger (great for tracking walks, hikes or bike rides)
    WHERE (local search, because Google doesn’t make a Storm compatible app yet)
    QuickPull (Instead of physically removing the battery – restarts the Blackberry)
    Anagram (Captures Contacts or Appointments from email and adds them to the Blackberry)

  • mcangeli

    Slacker (http://slacker.com) is much better then pandora.
    Gpsed for trip tracking, smrtguard for backups and recovery (you can locate lost or stolen devices)
    Rove mobile admin is a must for server admins… And socialscope for twitter/facebook…

  • this is a very good list.

    i have tried tinyberry for twitting but it neva worrked and now i just downloaded ubertwitter and it works like a charm.

  • Tweet Genius is an excellent Twitter app for the BB!

  • make that Tweet Genius :-)

  • Mooers Realty

    Dear Santa…for Christmas can you bring me some apps…easy to stocking stuff and we’ll go easy on you this year. Ho Ho Ho!

  • Anonymous

    In honor of Sitepoint’s recent blog 21 Blackberry Apps for Professionals, I decided it would be a good idea to share the Apps I make use of in my Blackberry Storm. I am going in a little further detail with this then Sitepoint did so I will break this up to multiple parts. First up, SplashID from Splash Data.

    wireless solution blackberry

  • maxwellchao

    if you’re a legal professional, you should consider checking out the law pod – they offer an array of legal reference apps for the blackberry (and the iphone). http://www.thelawpod.com

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