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Additional 10% Off Perfect Shots With Lytro Camera

By SitePoint Offers

Lytro 16GB Camera

You’re never going to want to take another selfie with your iPhone camera again. Get the cutting-edge First Generation Lytro 16GB camera and prepare to have your mind blow. It’s just $69.99 at SitePoint Shop. Plus, get in the Black Friday spirit early and take an additional 10% off with code EARLY10.

Unlike normal cameras, which capture the position of light rays and produce a static 2D image, the Lytro is the only consumer camera to capture the entire light field, recording 11 million light rays in each scene. The result is a living picture you can adjust after taking it, changing the perspective, refocusing, and viewing in 3D. You’ll get the perfect photo every time, and you can store up to 750 of ’em at a time. Best of all, the Lytro is as travel-friendly and compact as it is powerful. We’ll even throw in a wrist strap, a micro-USB cable, a lens cap, and a cleaner cloth so you can take great shots everywhere you go.

Say cheese and get the First Generation Lytro 16GB camera for $69.99 plus an extra 10% off with Black Friday code EARLY10.

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