BJC Bit Component Set Released

By sgrosvenor

The guys over at Beam Jive have released a major component set for Flash MX 2004 containing over 30 components. Whilst the set is a commercial component set, it’s only 80 Euros, and they are fantastic to say the least

Main features are a huge reduction in file size (over 2/3 smaller than their MMV2 counterparts), easily styled and best of all easily skinnable (the most annoying feature of the MM components is their difficulty in being skinned)

Take a look at the bottom of this page for demonstrations of how easy the components are to skin!

  • I don’t know, maybe the skinnability makes them worthwhile… but other than that I am not that impressed. At first I was tempted to get the knob component, but judging by the demo, it doesn’t work very well…

  • Hey Steven you have a small Type 2nd Sentence

    “Whilst the set is….”

    Anyhow thanks for posting this. Its been a little while since they have been active. I guess this is what has been consuming them.

  • sgrosvenor

    I agree with the comment with the Knob component, it isn’t very intuitive, you’d at least expect moving left and right to work to increase or decrease the values, rather than up and down.

  • teemu

    I just bought the set and it has an option to choose the way you want to move the knob. Either horizontal or vertical. Actually I have found the vertical movement the best option of them all in real use.

  • danut

    Thanks for posting this article. It is helpfull for me.

  • ok i know this article is really old by now, but the Bit Components absolutely rock…so easy to skin, even easier to use. I don’t think i’ll ever touch macromedia’s v2 components again.

  • Nils Magnus Djupvik


    I’ve created a couple of free flash components. You can check them out at


    Nils Magnus Djupvik

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