By Andrew Neitlich

Beyond results: Are you making an impact

By Andrew Neitlich

Every entrepreneur knows that it’s important to make an impact by getting specific, meaningful results and benefits for clients/employers.

Here are 2 more tests:

1. Are you working on the 20% of tasks that get your clients/employer 80% of enterprise results? Too many consultants and employees end up in the tedious, unimportant work covering the 80% of tasks that gets a client/employer 20% of the value they want.

2. Are you in the inner circle? There are only two types of consultants/employers: those who are trusted advisers and part of the core team, and those who are not. The first makes things happen; the second watch and wonder what happened. The first is indispensible; the second is disposable. Which are you?

Now you can imagine a 2X2 grid. X-axis: 80% of value or 20% of value. Y-axis: Inner or Outer circle.

I sincerely hope you are in the box that is providing 80% of value and that has you inside the inner circle. If you are, you are making an impact and setting yourself up for a long-term relationship.

If you are not, figure out why, and make a change, fast.

  • Definately in the inner sanctum… lol. In the past year since I’ve been following your advice (and to be fair, some of Brendon’s) my revenues have tripled and I have not had to work at getting new clients at all… they just come to me from repeat business with happy clients and referrals from happy clients. I am working on my current client base rather than focusing time and money attracting new clients and as a result have more new business than I can handle. I either have to hire someone or put people on a waiting list. I just hope you don’t get too busy to keep giving us free advice!

  • aneitlich

    Well, as it turns out, I will be moving on soon…more to come on that.

  • I want to know how to get testimonials, what specifically do I need to say to get these testimonials? How do you ask for referrals (specifically), and how do you ask a client to turn his/her project into a case-study and use it as a PR thing… I welcome any suggestions

  • Sorry to hear that, Andrew! Between yours and Brendon’s blogs, I get my weekly fix of business insight. :)

    As Brandon (getting confused here, yet?) mentioned above, your tips have been very helpful for business growth. I’ve purchased two books you recommended, and found them both to be very helpful as well.

    So I guess what I am saying is, “thanks!”

  • I have also been following both their advice and have seen the same results. I am doing very well in the first quater and am already getting set for the second quater. While I have been working on my current client base, which is starting to grow rapidly, I am also researching new markets. I am currently working on a marketing campaign that will target a specific industry I have done very well in with for one client. Through all the blogs and articles I am finally starting to learn how to run a successful business instead of just trying this and that. Thanks so much!

  • Bob Sorenson
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