By Andrew Neitlich

Best Practices in Managing Salespeople

By Andrew Neitlich

If you haven’t read the recently posted article The Care and Feeding of Salespeople, please do.


What are your experiences with salespeople? What best practices and lessons learned can you share in addition to what is in the article?

Please post below…..


  • Andrew, I really enjoyed your article. It is funny because we have just now in the last couple weeks decided to invest some money into finding a sales rep to hopefully bring us some more clients. So I really enjoyed your article because it was so timely to the situation we are currently in. I think we have found a very good person to go out and represent our business and help bring in more clients. She has already gotten herself up to speed with the service we offer (which is specific to the Real Estate Industry) and she also said she has had previous experience with Real Estate Professionals in the past (which is a bonus) We paid her a small amount of money up front to do the necessary research of our business and then we will be paying her a commission for each new client she gets to sign up for our service. She will basically be handling the sale from start to finish. We are very anxious to see what kind of results she can bring because sales have been REALLY slow for our business. My business partner and I both felt that it was the right time to get somebody out there that had the experience of selling (since neithr of us know what we are doing regarding sales). So far I am very pleased with the work she has done because she also is very good at writing good copy for websites and she revised the verbage on our homepage and about us page to not only be more search engine friendly but also to be more informative to the visitors of our site.

    Again, nice article, I read all your articles and I wish I had not chickened out and responded to your last blog entry about posting the “benefits rather than features” since you decided to give everyone a copy of your book. I think that was great. Thanks again, keep it up, some of us are really getting a LOT out of your writing.

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