Best PHP Framework 2015 Survey

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Almost a year and a half ago we published the results of a framework survey on the PHP channel. The survey, while producing fewer entries than our IDE survey still provided us with valuable insight into our audience and the state of individual vs. team developers out there.

With Laravel 5 fresh out of the oven, Phalcon being kickstarted into full-time development, and others reaching a much anticipated maturity, it’s only natural we’re curious about your preferences – have they changed? Do they remain unbudged? Do you wish you could switch so hard you can taste it, but aren’t allowed to by your company? We’re interested in all these points and much more.

The survey will run for exactly one month starting today, and to help with the spread, Jetbrains graciously kicked in some PhpStorm licenses for the top three resharers of the link to this post. Zend also wants to see this survey do well and is offering three Zend Studio licenses – so a total of six top resharers will be rewarded. Three random resharers will also get a three month Learnable license.

Instructions on resharing are at the bottom of this post, but first, please fill out the survey that follows.

Disclaimer: Note that email will be censored in the final results – we’ll use it only as a means of contacting you if you win the raffle and won’t share it with any third party services. We also need your email as a sort of proof of uniqueness. The required fields “country” and “age” are extremely important variables and lead to interesting patterns, but we guarantee that they won’t be paired with your email in any shape or form – we’ll use them exclusively for data mining, and not to serve you ads or otherwise invade your privacy. If you agree to these terms, the survey is just below.

The survey is now over. Results will be published soon.


To help us accurately track who got the most shares (only shares that resulted in someone filling the survey out count, though), please generate a link for yourself below. The link simply hashes your email address and appends it to a ref tag of the URL to this post, so we can reliably tell which survey participant lead you here. If you lose the link, just re-enter your email in the form below and the same one will be regenerated.

Your link will appear here


The results will be published in full exactly one month after today. The results will be produced in both parsed form (prettified in graph form) and in raw form, so you can grab and analyze them on your own as well.

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