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By Jennifer Farley

Behind the Brazil 2014 World Cup Logo

By Jennifer Farley

Just when you thought you’d had enough football (or maybe not enough, in some cases) FIFA, the international football organization revealed the logo design for the next world cup which will take place in Brazil in 2014.

The new design entitled “Inspiration”, was the winning submission, chosen from 25 entries. The judging panel included famous Brazilians, model Gisele Bundchen and author Paulo Coelho. The logo was designed by Sao Paolo-based agency Africa. Brazil President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva spoke at the unveiling and said “Brazilians are confident, and love the challenge of presenting a beautiful World Cup”.



The logo is a representation of the World Cup trophy formed by three linked hands in the national colors of Brazil, yellow and green with the year of the tournament appearing in a bright red hand-drawn typeface. While the red certainly stands out, the Brazilian flag is yellow, green and blue. The style of the hands is very loosely drawn. They look like they have been drawn very quickly using the Pen tool in Photoshop or Illustrator.

As with almost every major logo launch, there has been much online debate and a certain amount of criticism about its execution. Some commentators have mentioned that a logo for a football competition shouldn’t feature hands wrapped around the ball. Others have referred to it as cheap clipart with the fingers on the hands resembling an alien’s fingers.

Here’s the video to go with the official launch of the logo:

What do you think of the logo? An amateur-looking Photoshop job, or a brightly colored homage to the country that has won five World Cup competitions in the past?

  • FIFA World Cup logos are always tremendous art creations. Every single one of them has its own style and relation to the culture of the country where the event is going to be.

    Therefore, this logo is no exception. I wouldn`t say its a amateur Photoshop creation nor a true professional creation, but its fits quite well on the whole competition spirit and layout.

  • I derive no pleasure from looking at this logo. Not aesthetically nor intellectually. Therefore it is not a good logo to me.

    • Satya

      i agree with you. Because Football is a game which everyone play with legs. No one will hold the ball with hands. I didn’t understand why they used hands for a game of legs…!

  • Epamimondas

    In Brazil is critical the high cost of goverment planning. “Contigency” is the word for this subject. The budgets of goverment work normally is overpriced, like is normally too the corruption.

    The logo above represent the hungry for public budget what brazil´s goverment is expending with this circus.

  • Thierry Henry approves of this logo.

  • I don’t want this to sound too harsh but I have an issue with this article in general; there is just nothing ‘there’.  The title is ‘Behind’ the logo but what background is given? You have simply described what we can all see clearly see & mentioned some of the key players. There is no detailed background info on the thought process of the design team, the constraints the different teams were given or even a critique of the logo itself by you. I was expecting a designers breakdown of what went in to the logo but instead got nothing.

    Like I said, I don’t want this to sound harsh, it is not a criticism of you personally or your work, just this one article. You may well be a talented and prolific designer and I have been a SitePoint fan for many years. I also don’t want to be ‘that guy’ who comes along and dumps on good & free information being given out to the community buut I have to ask/ point out; was this article really any more then a way to generate more traffic to this blog? You describe very plainly then ask everyone else to come here & chime in.

    • Hey Leslie,

      Thanks for the honest feedback. We want to vary the types and lengths of things we post, so that explains the lack of depth of this post. At the same time I understand that many readers might want more, and I’ve taken it and passed it up to the SitePoint peeps; we’ll certainly be aiming for good posts with lots to them, but there might be a few shorter ones here and there.

      Also, for your honest feedback I want to say thanks more formally — could you shoot me an email (pascal @ this domain) or get in touch via the contact form; I’d like to send you a copy of the Smashing Book #2 if you’re interested. (:

      Best regards,

      —Pascal, Editor

    • Bonganigad

      I cnt agree more wth u on this one,as a new graphic designer,i thought the article was going to break down the entire design process.I mean from the conceptual view to the design itself.I think that was going 2benefit lot of  designer as this logo wil be all over the magazine,tv,internet etc.

      Although im dissapointed with the content of the article,I honour you for the quality of the subject.
      Kind Regards
      B Gadlela

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