Beat the Meetings Monster

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Some weeks, I seem to spend half my life in meetings.

In fact, if you asked me what I do for a living, there are times I’d say “Read emails and attend meetings”. Crazy, isn’t it?

Here are five tips for you if you feel overwhelmed by the meetings monster.

Only attend meetings you must attend.

Go back to the organizer, and ask if you really need to be there. When you are organizing a meeting, consider carefully each attendee, and if they are really actually needed.

Have an agenda and stick to it.

We all know where meetings with no focus go. Keep meetings short and succinct by writing an agenda and sticking to it. Avoid idle chat and leave that for after the meeting, if need be.

Run stand-up meetings.

Rather than get comfy in a chair, try a stand up meeting; you’ll find people are keen to return to their desks if you need to stand around and discuss, meaning a quicker meeting for all.

Make decisions quick and move on.

Once a decision has been reached, move on to the next point. It’s unfair to everyone if you then proceed to explain your entire reasoning, especially if it isn’t required.

Set aside ‘meeting free’ time.

Block out chunks in your calendar. They can either be whole days each week, or entire mornings or afternoons; anything to keep you concentrating on keeping meetings to a minimum.

Best of luck taming the meetings monster!

Miles BurkeMiles Burke
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As Director of Bam Creative, and Chairperson of the Australian Web Industry Association, Miles spends his time managing his business or speaking about managing businesses. Recently awarded as one of the top Western Australian entrepreneurs under 40 years old, Miles can also be found writing at his blog.

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