By Wyatt Barnett

Be the First Kid on the Block Running IE8 Beta 1

By Wyatt Barnett

I’ll post some reactions to the (ongoing) MIX keynote, but I did happen to find the download links for the IE 8 beta. Get it while it’s hot.

Oh, and grab the Silverlight 2 Beta 1 while you are at it.

  • ikeo

    Does it overwrite your current IE installation?
    (Looks like it does)

  • Tim

    So far so good. Seems a little slow at the moment, but my PC could still be doing background updates. Display updates while typing in this box are slow for example. Managed to crash it once within the first 30 seconds by opening the favourites bar while looking at the Sitepoint home page.

    Will keep poking and see what happens. Only part of Sitepoint at first glance that isn’t displaying correctly is the nav/header. It has no background image on the nav bar, just the buttons.

    The developer tools built in to the browser are pretty cool though.

  • Tim

    The new url bar is strange. Looking at the url for this page, the entire url is gray except for teh words “” which are black. Mouse over and it all goes black. I wonder if that’s part of the upgraded anti-phishing/safety protection?

  • Tim

    Tried loading up my Ext powered CMS and things started turning nasty real fast. Short version, CSS support looks better providing no hacks or work arounds were applied, but Javascript support bites. While a reboot fixed my speed issues, it took uninstall to make my javascript work again.

    Experiment over. :(

    BTW, looks like the clock is out by an hour on posts originating from Melbourne. It’s currently 10:15am

  • Anonymous

    So here’s a note for people who think IE8 is going to make our lives better.

    I currently am running Firefox, Opera and Safari (lastest developer seed) on OS X and the IE8 public beta. I thought, “Hey, let’s run the new Acid 3 test and see how it goes on each. New Safari, new IE8, Opera and Firefox latest stable releases as a marker. Should be interesting.”

    It was. Here are my results (feel free to tell me if you got different ones)… By the way my system is OSX 10.5.2 (all updates) and Windows XP SP2 all latest installs (sans SP3, haven’t installed yet). Also, windows is run through the latest version of VMware Fusion.

    – Firefox (stable release): 50/100. Decent, but need improvement.
    – Opera (stable release): 40/100 then crashed. Started out looking OK, got quickly pathetic in my mind.
    – Safari (3.1 dev. seed): 75/100. Not bad at all, great start for my browser of choice.

    – Firefox (stable release): 50/100. Glad to see someone is keep it same across the systems.
    – IE8 (public beta): 17/100. Pathetic. Just pathetic.
    – Opera (stable release): 46/100. Much better than the Mac version, it didn’t crash.
    – Safari (stable release): 39/100. This is rather what I expected since it’s not a dev. seed. Not bad, but I’m looking forward to the improvements.

    Conclusion is Firefox is decent all around. Lots of room to grow but off to a solid start and with v3 just around the corner I’m expecting a much better showing soon from the boys at Mozilla. Opera is OK, but not very good on Mac (surprise). Lots of room for growth there, but still off to a presentable start. Safari isn’t as good as Firefox currently, but the developer seed leaves everyone in the dust. I’m expecting similar things from Firefox 3.

    IE8, however, has the most pathetic showing out of all of these. Yes, it’s a public beta, but it’s a PUBLIC beta. I expect more from this on a public beta. I haven’t checked out the beta for the new Firefox yet, but I’m sure it’ll do better. How could it not? IE8’s showing was nothing short of sad. Unless a LOT changes before it goes live I have very low hopes for it.

    I don’t have IE6 or IE7, does anyone have these and is able to post it’s showing?

    Acid Test 3:

  • dougoftheabaci

    Sorry, that previous post was from me. For some reason it didn’t log me in. Odd.

  • Victor

    IE 7 Acid 3 test results: 12/100 (not 100% sure since it looks horrible…)

  • ikeo

    Safari 325.9 (Safari 3 Beta Seed 31A7) – 74
    Opera 9.50 Beta build 9613 – 60
    Firefox 3 beta 3 – 47

  • ikeo

    Safari 325.12 (Seed 31A15) – 76
    Opera 9.50 Beta (build 9815) – 65

  • logic_earth

    ACID 3 test is making use of JavaScript is it not?
    IE8 is still using JScript its own implementation.

    CSS support is where the IE team is currently focusing on.

  • ikeo

    CSS support is where the IE team is currently focusing on.
    — They need to.

    All the latest versions of Safari, Opera and Firefox pass acid 2 and IE 7 fails … miserably

  • wwb_99

    I started to write a reply here, but it turned into a post. Enjoy.

  • ikeo

    Latest webkit/safari nightly(30868) scores a 90 on acid 3!!!

  • dougoftheabaci

    Latest webkit/safari nightly(30868) scores a 90 on acid 3!!!

    Holy wow! I think it’s official then; Safari wins.

    Thanks for everyone who posted their results. Lets hope that the official launch of IE8 holds a much better browser than the one we’re seeing now. Until then, I’m going to keep pushing people towards Safari and Firefox.

  • ikeo

    Don’t forget Opera 9.50 beta … the latest builds actually seem faster than Safari/Webkit.

  • dougoftheabaci

    Maybe, but you posted it as only getting a 65/100. And when I used my latest full release it crashed.

    By the way, has anyone else been able to replicate this? Or was it just me?

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