SitePoint WordPress Base Theme v1.4

Minimal. Clean. Simple. Lightweight. Responsive.

100% Free Libre/Open Source, GPL 2.0 or later

Some time ago, we asked ourselves ‘What would the perfect WordPress base theme look like?

So we put together a wishlist of precisely the features we would want in our foundation theme – and the things we didn’t.

The base theme needed to be:

  • No fat. No cruft. Speedy.
  • Minimal design. It’s your job to make it pretty.
  • No ‘cute’ features you never actually use.
  • SEO friendly to its core.
  • Super Mobile-friendly.
  • 100% Free Open Source Software, and free to use.

Then we set about building it. The result is a suite of WordPress themes including our FREE Base Theme.

Open Source GPL
6 Reasons You’ll Love SitePoint Base Theme
1. SitePoint Base Theme is Blazingly Fast!

SBT is really fast – you’ll be starting with 500kb pages. More importantly, we intend to keep it that way, running live, 24-hour-a-day benchmark testing to guarantee consistent code performance. Missiles get launched if our Pingdom benchmarks drop under 95/100 .

2. SitePoint Base Theme Loves Mobile

Mobile friendliness isn’t just a nice thing to have – it now affects your Pagerank and that equates to traffic and money. SitePoint Base Theme scores a 100/100 on Google’s Mobile Testing tool. If it ever fails, there are consequences. (* See below.)

3. SitePoint Base Theme ALWAYS Follows WordPress Best Practice Coding

Constant benchmarking against WordPress’s own QA tool – Theme Check – ensures SBT always adheres to the latest WordPress standards and practices. Currently SBT passes 100% of 10796 test.

4. SitePoint Base Theme is Easy-to-Use

SitePoint Base Theme supports a range of popular page builders out-of-the-box including Divi Builder, Beaver Builder, Visual Composer, SiteOrigin Page Builder and Elementor Page Builder.

5. SitePoint Base Theme Loves WooCommerce

WooCommerce powers 37% the world’s online stores – SBT makes adding ecommerce a breeze.

6. SitePoint Base Theme is Proper Open Source GPL

There is no fancy ‘lawyer-speak’ licensing here. Open Source has always been at the heart of WordPress – we put it at the heart of SBT too. Take it, use it, give good stuff back to the community.

How Serious Are We About Theme Performance?

Meet ‘The Stinger’

This compact missile launcher – known in the SitePoint office as ‘The Stinger’ – hovers menacingly above the desk of our sysadmin.

Should SitePoint Base Theme fail any of the benchmarks listed below (under 95%), the Stinger is programmed to rain immediate and cruel vengeance upon his desk – and then to report the strike over the @sitepointdotcom twitter.

  • 100
  • Google Mobile Check
  • 100
  • WP Theme Check

  • Anything Else?

    634 Font Awesome Icons

    That’s a lot of icons

    Multi-Language Ready

    Easy translations with WPML plugin support.

    No 'Theme Lock'

    Separate style and functionality.


    Target browsers and functionality.

    Elegantly Responsive

    Fast and flexible small screen layouts.


    No-brainer cross-browser support.

    Tiny MCE Editor

    WYSIWYG Post Editor.

    Easy-to-use Percentage Grid

    Scale and shape your layouts easily.

    Custom Logos & Headers

    Perform basic styling right from the Dashboard.