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Automating Amazon EC2 Instance Backup and Recovery, Part One

By Eric Stone

CloudSpring: Part One: Scheduling Snapshots Using Cron Skill Level: Intermediate Operating System(s): Linux Philosophy 99.999% Uptime. That is a wonderful goal, and in order to get there we must plan for the inevitable outages and problems that cause our servers to break. The best we can do is to be prepared with the Three P’s: Planning, Process, and Practice.

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Automating Amazon EC2 Instance Backup and Recovery, Part One



Eric M. Stone has been deeply involved in technology for over twenty-five years. With a vast range of experience spanning the financial, manufacturing and large retail spaces, he specializes in systems architecture, automation, disaster recovery, and high-availability. Considered by many to be the "technical resource of last resort", Mr. Stone solves thorny issues that others cannot. As owner of Wyzaerd Consulting, his tremendous passion for technology is reflected in the life-long pursuit of excellence in providing the best solutions for his multi-billion-dollar clients. Eric is an absolute Apple/*nix devotee. His favorite language is Perl, and he is a hardcore command-line / vim user.

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