August 2011 – jQuery 4u Google Analytics Statistics

Sam Deering

Hi guys, here is this months Google Analytics Statistics for anyone that may be interested in the nitty gritty stats of the jQuery blog. Some of the stats are quite interesting, especially the mobile stats!

Monthly Visitors – August 2011


We’re getting 100,000+ unique visitors a month that’s not bad at all!

Monthly Visitors (by Location)- August 2011


Most blog readers come from the US of A.

Monthly Traffic Sources – August 2011


78.78% (nice number) of Organic Traffic from Google.

Organic Visitors FTW!


Monthly Page Content – August 2011


The jQuery mobile tips page is doing quite well as the ever popular jQuery Dialog boxes.

Monthly Mobile Device Users – August 2011


Still only 2% using mobile devices but I expect this to rise within the next few months or so. Maybe a bit longer.

Monthly Mobile Device Breakdown – August 2011


Apple still leading the way for Mobile devices with iPad and iPhone getting the most blog views.

Monthly Google +1 Clicks – August 2011


Google Plus One has yet to have a big impact (anywhere really) but I expect Google to come up trumps as usual. You can help: join my circle on Google +1.