By Philip Miseldine

ASP.NET Hosting Considerations

By Philip Miseldine

Many of my LAMP avocating friends love to tell me how expensive ASP.NET hosting is. And fair point: hosts offering Windows and .NET are privy to much higher licensing costs than the open source Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP setup. But expensive ASP.NET hosting is a thing of the past. With the rising popularity of .NET, hosts are now able to offer competitive pricing and good service.

But what to look for in an ASP.NET host? The first question you should ask is what exactly do I need? It

  • M. Johansson

    I’ve actually never been one for low-cost hosting. Low cost always makes me suspicious. I’m sure there are some low-cost hosts that doesn’t suck, but I’d rather pay a little more for peace of mind. Hosting almost always my smallest cost in any web project anyway.

    For people who are willing to shell out a few extra bucks for hosting, I can warmly, oh so warmly, recommend CrystalTech. With an (extremely good) custom control panel written completely in .NET, INSANELY fast ticket response times, superb uptime and 24/7 toll free support they are well worth the extra cash. When you have in-house support and datacenter, it really shows. The are also already hosting 38000 domains, so there is no risk of them getting into growing pains (MCHost).

  • Oh I agree totally. I usually steer well clear from very cheap hosts. Obviously they can’t match their promises with the prices so something has to give…normally the promises :)

    I highlighted those two hosts as I’ve been a very happy client of both over the years. Gearhost mucked me around a few times, but it was always resolved within a matter of hours. Flare were just always superb, but got rather expensive the more you required.

    I guess you can sometimes find a gem ;)

  • I’ve used FastHosts for years, they were one of the first hosting companies to offer Windows Server 2003. I have a reseller account with then which basically allows me unlimited bandwidth. Kinda, if it’s too much a starts making an impact on other sites, then they say something. But I got through about 60GB a month, and never had something said. With the reseller you get unlimited emails, and you can use MySQL or SQL Server with ASP/ASP.NET.

    I would reccommend them if your on a tight budget but need a fair bit of bandwidth.

    My work sites (Total PDA) has its own server, which is great when it comes to configuration. :D

  • I use Boundgrid ( and they are amazing. Support is excellent and their service is good. I know they are cheap, but don’t disregard them for that!

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