By Harry Fuecks

ASP users flock to PHP in droves!

By Harry Fuecks

The strange thing the PHP success story is it’s had, more of less, $0 spent on on advertising / marketing. So when I post a blog with a cheeky title like this one, it sticks out…

Anyway, real reason for this is just following on from here to point out that John Lim, at his new location –, has updated his ASP to PHP migration guide (a syntax cross reference with insights).

  • Weird I went from php to asp

  • cholmon

    did you go to classic asp or

  • astrafan

    RSS mis-titled articles really boil my blood old boy.

  • I thought I was going to get some kind of report on how users were moving from ASP to PHP.

    Didn’t appreciate the bogus headline.

    But it does support the fact that a headline is a very powerful means of grabbing users attention – even when it’s done deceptivly.

  • tarmin1

    Free prizes no money down*
    Just pay $200 “application fee”

    Try to keep the site better than all my spam, buddy. You’re lowering the standard.

  • Ditto on the headline. Dodgy, Harry.

    However an interesting read as always.

  • Ditto on the headline. Dodgy, Harry.

    Apologies. I claim temporary insanity ;)

  • jul17pri

    I nearly flocked to PHP, but couldn’t see the point unless I flocked to Linux too.

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