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By Lucas Chan

Hi, my name is Lucas Chan. I’m also a resident coder at SitePoint HQ and I’ll be popping my head in here from time to time to help out with the PHP blog.

Over the past week or so I’ve been assisting a friend of mine redevelop one of his ASP sites in PHP (with MySQL). He knows ASP quite well but has never touched PHP before.

Having had bad experiences with language conversion tools I was reluctant to recommend one to him. I instead pointed him to the PHP manual and the wonderful archive of information at Harry also mentioned a syntax cross reference some time last year.

I thought it would be interesting to document some of the help I’ve given him over the past few weeks. Here

Lucas has been building the web since 1996. His experience covers Content Management, Online Learning, Documentation Management, Product Ordering and ecommerce systems across Linux(Debian/Redhat/CentOS), Mac OS, FreeBSD and Microsoft platforms.

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