By Andrew Neitlich

Are you taking advantage of offline media?

By Andrew Neitlich

Many recent posts about the case studies talk about getting visible in online communities, which is a solid tactic.

I also want to be sure you are taking advantage of print media. There are many low-cost options out there to test a magazine or newspaper and see if it will work. For instance, a number of companies manage the classified advertising departments of clusters of magazines.

Let’s say you want to reach readers of Fast Company, Inc., and Entrepreneur with an offer. Well, it turns out that a single firm manages the classified advertising for each of these magazines. For about $12 a word, you can reach the over 600,000 people that read Fast Company and Inc. Magazines.


If you want to reach local zip codes, www.Valpak.com is a way to do that for pennies per household (in the USA; I don’t know if they are international or not). They mail out packs of coupons.

The point is: You can test offline media at a low cost and expand to larger buys if you are successful.

  • Dr Livingston

    Yer, I think that what you’ve suggested is a good idea; In that it would make more people aware of your presence who may well not even know that you exist, particularly if your a smaller firm?

    Not sure myself if there are any of these setups here in the UK but certainly I’ll be looking into it, so thanks for the enlightment :)

  • Google just started doing Print Ads:

    I imagine this would be a very easy way to get into publications. Don’t know how the pricing compares however.

  • chart3

    The offline strategy is something I had already planned to implement in various forms in the very near future.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for opening my eyes to off-line media, before this Ad I had no idea what it was….Suzette

  • Anonymous

    I want my website to be accessible to everyone to visit… http://www.operation sunflowerinc.org
    thanks Suzette

  • sherry

    I would like to create a local business directory that is available offline – delivered by cd rom any suggestions as to script solutions

    I would also like to be able to sell advertising on the cd to listed businesses

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