By Andrew Neitlich

Are you ready for the fourth quarter?

By Andrew Neitlich

Traditionally Q4 of any calendar year is the biggest quarter in terms of IT spending. Companies have visibility into their budget for the year, and know what they can spend. Also, many IT organizations need to spend any unspent IT budget.

This doesn’t apply to all firms, but regardless, you should be ramping up your marketing NOW to prepare for the coming quarter.

Right now you have a window of 3 very productive months. Then things start to slow considerably around Thanksgiving in the US, and early December through early January everywhere else.


Don’t get caught when things slow down. And ride the willingness of many businesses to spend before that time.

Ramp up your marketing now!

Even if you don’t believe that Q4 is a high-spending IT quarter, ramp up your marketing anyway. It should always be your top priority, but now is a terrific time to get started if you’ve been lax. Worst case: You build up a solid prospect list to start 2005 off strong.

Get going…

  • Thank you for the post.

    I didn’t realize Q4 was the biggest quarter. I just began working with a marketing specialist and hope to layout a concrete marketing strategy for the next 6 months.

    What a coincidence. ;-)

  • That is a good heads up. Thanks, Andrew.

    Question for type0: How did you set up your relationship with your marketing specialist? I’ve been thinking of hiring an “agent” who can help me look for work but haven’t found anyone that has done this? Care to share?

  • GilbertGlee,

    How about contacting Andrew Neitlich, the author of this blog.

    Seems like a logical place to start.


  • Gilbertglee,

    I have known this person for quite sometime now. We met through our local Chamber of Commerce over a year ago. I would see her at networking events and we’d always try to partner our services together but nothing ever transpired. It wasn’t until a couple of months ago that I wanted to take our business to the next level and contacted her to help us out.

    I figure I could kill two birds with one stone – it would be an excellent way to see how she works, and if she could help us out, she’d also be able to help our customers.

    Hope this helps.

  • I appreciate the comments. You’re right, mjbeck, I’ll have to email Andrew here pretty soon.

    I feel the same way: That I need to form strategic partnerships in order to take my business to the next level. Just forming these relationships is what I need to learn.

  • Norbert

    I’ve got a completely new marketing plan for the next months and it seems reasonable to start it in this quarter because of the reasons you mentioned above. I work transparently behind web companies as a freelance developer and my marketing message is simple: I keep what I promise. For my lucky, this is very UNusual nowadays. I even prepared an intro site for this purpose: http://norbert.mocsnik.hu/developer-consultant/
    I’ll need a corrector for that because I’m not a native English speaker.

    I’ve got around 100 companies in my list. According to my experiences, 10 of them will answer me and 3 will give me jobs in the future. One of them will come back many times to me.

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