By Mick Gibson

Are You as Smart as Kevin Yank? Take the PHP & MySQL Quiz and Find Out.

By Mick Gibson

PHP & MySQL: Novice to NinjaWe all know Kevin Yank is a pretty smart guy.

Now’s your chance to see if you’re as smart as Kev, by taking the PHP & MySQL Quiz (which accompanies his new book “PHP & MySQl: Novice to Ninja“)

Jump in now, and take on the elephant in the room :)

Take the PHP & MySQL Quiz

  • When I click on the next button it takes me back to the first page to enter my name, address etc…

    • Ditto, but then I have that problem every time sitepoint tries to have a poll; never been able to actually complete one from it either skipping entire pages of questions, or constantly sending me back to the first page.

  • I didn’t have the “next button” problem you guys mention. But the results page was a bit disappointing. I missed three, but the results page doesn’t give the total number of questions so I can’t figure my percentage. ;) I do appreciate that it lets me know which ones I missed, though.

  • Vikash Jain

    Ya even i got the same problem Its keep on loading same page

  • Joaquin Senosiain

    The Quiz is broken. Keeps sending you back to the start

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